Useful Resources

National Heart Foundation
Be heart smart. This is a great site for you to find how you can take good care of health-your heart. There is information on various topics to help you understand how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Bakers Delight
Bakers delight provides much useful information about their bread ranges, nutritional information and includes many tasty recipes for all occasions.

Sultry Sally
Did you know that the average potato chip has up to 40% fat? Sultry Sally chips are 97% fat free and taste great, finally we have a sin free potato chip. They are available in Woolworth’s and Safeway nationally.

San Remo
I love this site. Type in 3 ingredients in your pantry, and it will supply you with a recipe. Also get your tasty pasta recipes and cooking tips from this website!

National Parks NSW
Take a scenic tour around the national parks in NSW. Great to walk and discover different places each time!

Athletes Foot
Our program promotes healthy exercising and walking it is one of the best things we can do for our body. All you need is a door to open, and a good pair of shoes. Check out the Athletes Foot link they have a good variety of walking shoes.

John Maclean
Need Motivation? want to be Inspired?
May we recommend the most inspirational and motivational book released in a decade, I confess to substantial bias, John´s book “Full Circle, One Life, Many Lessons” is the story of my brother John Maclean.

The CSIRO currently have Australia´s No. 1 selling Total Wellbeing Diet book. It recently received some criticism for the amount of meat it recommends. Overall we think it is an excellent book, it has loads of fish recipes as well as you can choose and modify to your tastes, like we do. Easy simple to follow book.

How Much Water do you Need a Day?

Click here to find out the important reasons why we need to drink water and calculate how much water you need to drink to stay healthy, hydrated and strong.