Time, Energy and Relationship Rich

Remember that scene I think it was Rocky 4 against Ivan Drago ” I must break you” (please correct me if that's not how you spell his name) when Rocky trains in that old log cabin in the snow using old training techniques like throwing logs around running in the snow etc while Drago is training in his high tech gym with wires coming off him?

Rocky ends up winning, I don't know what it's got to do with this topic but I liked that movie as a kid

If you have money to spend on your weight problem, go for it, is it going to make you lose the weight? I don't know, but you don't need to spend money to lose weight and achieve your goals. In fact if you stopped spending money in general, maybe you will be able to cut down on working so hard

Aim to be time, energy and relationship rich instead of money rich

That way you will have time to cook at home, to complete your exercise routine, to have a better adjusted and healthier life

I know it's not possible for everybody, people have responsibilities, young families, long work hours, long commutes, community and sporting events to attend.

However there might be a chance in the near future where you can set up things to have more time instead of working back. A chance to forgo more cash for time, time to go down the park for a walk, go to the fruit market to buy fresh ingredients to set yourself up for the week

One of the biggest problems with today's lifestyles is eating out. It doesn't have to be takeaway to be problematic. Eating what seems to be like a healthy meal at a restaurant could in fact be a lot more energy dense than what you think. Chiefs cook with lots of butter and oils to make their meals taste so good, let's face it they do this so you keep coming back. Save yourself the money and cook at home, save the eating out for special occasions.

Another problem is having enough money to have a membership at a fancy gym, full of new equipment, pools, fluffy white towels and spas but not having enough spare time to actually use it. Not having enough time to join a team sport or recreation which is great not only for fitness but for your social life as well. You don't need to go out to dinner or go out for drinks to be social, join a team!

When you give yourself enough time to eat right, exercise, play a team sport, get enough rest and sleep you will find your energy levels go through the roof. You will feel better, being an energetic, positive person that will attract more positive situations into your life, just like Rocky in Rocky IV.


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