The role of a weight loss Coach

071Develop trust and rapport with the client, to be friendly but to be objective so the client has the best opportunity to achieve their weight loss goals while feeling comfortable in a positive environment

The coach will set out rules of what they expect of the client and what the client can expect from them

The coach will look at the weight loss goals of the client, the clients past, present and near future lifestyle and will give honest feedback of what they think is possible

They will change negative goals into positive ones and with client set benchmarks so it is objectively known when a target has been reached

They will assess current eating patterns, set out any changes within a written diet plan and continue to monitor clients compliance with changes

Coach will communicate with client to uncover any barriers that stop change and will work out solutions to overcome them, for eg. it might mean client has to comply with one small change to start off with before moving on

Client will become more aware of what they are eating, tastes, smells and touch

As time goes on measurement of success will be assessed and reassessed, new goals may become available

Clients confidence and independence away from Coach will increase

Continual monitoring until goal is met or client is confident they can achieve goal by themselves with…personal accountability due to increase in self knowledge and confidence

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