From the moment I started my programme with Maz I intuitively knew I was in a safe, nurturing place. Perhaps even one that would be supportive enough to finally get healthy mentally and physically. I have been inspired, have laughed, have cried, have successfully reached my goal weight, have increased my energy by the bucketful but there are more important pinnacles that have been reached.

Several months before contacting Maz in desperation, I had been riding the rocky and unpredictable roller coaster of diet pills. I see this as my lowest point in years; it is only a slippery slide down from here. I consider myself intelligent, I knew the pitfalls; I had heard the warnings but still somehow figured I would control it and could safely take the pills for a short time. The thing is, if everything was so in control and so easily controlled, why did I still feel the need for them in the first place. Why couldn’t I do what I wanted to without them? I tried them, liked them and then fell into a dangerous trap of “needing them”. This all happened frighteningly quickly. The only reason I actually stopped taking them on my own was because I was terrified of using them all up and knowing the doctor wouldn’t give me more, I would no longer have access to them. I was so scared of not having them in my life; I wanted to save them for a special occasion! I could not face not having them. This got me off them.

Unfortunately, it did not change much. It did not get my dangerous habits, attitude or “head” right. From somewhere, I knew this is what would have to happen to be free of the lifetime of yo–yo dieting. I have a 3 year old and 5 year old daughter. Ironically, I did not want them to fall victim to unrealistic body ideals so to provide them with a good and solid role model, I hid my diet shakes, metabolism boosters, starving/bingeing and especially pills – I still did them, in secret.

In my first few weeks with Maz, I was gaining good ground and well on the road to a healthier, sustainable lifestyle. I did however mention that I was not prepared to throw out the diet pills – just in case I need them in future. I just didn’t get it. Finally Maz kindly offered me the opportunity to read her story – Endorphin High. This, coupled with her help, genuine care and support has allowed me to change my mindset completely and start walking to a healthier, happier and more rewarding lifestyle. I saw a lot of my experiences, struggles and strength reflected in the paragraphs I read and something in that stuck. Halfway through the book, a book that saw me shift from tears, to anger, to laughter in more than one sit down reading session, I threw away my pills, prescriptions and anything else that remotely related to losing weight and risked pulling me back on that dangerous path. I had until this point, not been free of this “junk” for more than 20 years.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the work Maz is doing is life saving and life changing. She has helped me in infinite ways to alter the path of not only my life, but also in turn, the lives of my immediate family and ultimately all those close to me. My healthier approach to life and more positive outlook is reflected to others, noticed and commented on often. Most importantly I feel different. I know I am now truly healthy and happier than I have been in a very long time.

Maz I cannot thank you enough.