I am not so good at writing this sort of thing but Maz and Kerry have helped me so much I really felt motivated to thank them this way.

I met Maz and Kerry quite by accident, when I accompanied a friend to Sydney during a business transaction with Kerry.

While my friend conducted business with Kerry I had a chat with Maz and she gave me her business card.

I had been overweight (and unhappy about it) for many years. I had tried every program without success. Two weeks after my Sydney visit I was working hard in my tractor on my property and Maz´s business card fell on the tractor floor, I picked it up, looked at it, turned it over, and read the quote on the back of the card.

“If you promise me that you are going to stay within your comfort zone, I will be able to tell you what you will be like at the end of your life.

You´ll be just what you are now, but only more so.

But if you promise me that you are going to stretch,

To step outside your comfort zone, I cannot predict your future.

The sky is the limit…”

–John Powel

I read the quotation at least 3–4 times soaking up the meaning of those words.

At this point in my life I was over 100kg and my height is 5´7″. I was always short of breath, I couldn´t tie my shoe laces without gasping and struggling, the physical work on the farm was more daunting each season… so that´s the bad news, I told my wife I was going to give Maz and Kerry a try… she replied… “Not another program!” I really had tried everything.

The good news, I am not on a diet, I never go hungry, I can still enjoy a glass or two of wine (you have to in the Riverina!) and so far I have lost 15kgs, you are what you eat taught me to appreciate food that won´t harm me, and led me carefully to the benefits of regular exercise and I am not going back to the “old” Tony.

I love it when people I haven´t seen for 4 months tell me how healthy I look… I even scored a try at touch football last week (the first in 3 years).

This is the best thing I have ever done! I feel like a million dollars because my daily work is a piece of cake when you are fit. I could go on explaining the benefits but will conclude by saying thank you Maz & Kerry for the constant motivation and your patience; I value our friendship that we developed.

I unreservedly recommend this program wholeheartly. Four of my close mates are now working with Maz and are already well on the way to reaching their goal weight.

Thanks a million Maz.