The Riverina Trio

Testimony from Sharon, Sue and Sandra (Clients from the Riverina District)

Hi, our names are Sharon, Sue and Sandra and we live in the Riverina District. Each of us had all been concerned about our weight for some time and had been trying unsuccessfully to lose weight.

That´s where Maz from You Are What You Eat came in. We met Maz when a colleague actually won an 8–week program and we were impressed when he lost quite a bit of weight, in fact, so impressed… we signed up.

The on–line program gave us all the support we needed. It assessed our current eating and exercise habits, from our entries in our daily food diaries, which were emailed to Maz, who then gently steered us in the right direction. We emailed our daily food diary once a week and the amazing thing we found is that you don´t realize how much food and fat you can consume in a day, and by keeping the food diary, has been a useful tool to assess our eating patterns and make us aware.

Maz encouraged us to exercise by putting a program together that we could handle, taking into consideration, our fitness, weight and age, and this program is increased as you gain fitness and lose weight. You get coaching notes and advice and Maz is always there if you have any questions or feel you need support in any way.

Since starting the program, we have all lost cm and are down a couple of dress sizes. We all feel so good now and are looking forward to summer.

We can´t emphasise enough how much being part of a team has helped us, because with encouragement from Maz we support one another and congratulate each other on little victories or on reaching goals we have set ourselves. Although Sandra doesn´t work at the same place we would meet up at aerobics once a week. It has helped us tremendously having to be accountable as well. This was important; we didn´t want to let ourselves or Maz down.

We know if we continue what we have learnt throughout this program we won´t ever have an issue with weight or exercise again, as Maz has shown us how to eat well, not feel hungry, put together an exercise routine that we can sustain and happily live with and still be able to have the odd treat or two. Thank you Maz!!

Personal note from Maz:

Thank you for your lovely testimony, I am hoping this testimony will motivate many other people who live in remote locations and need guidance, support and encouragement via e.mail and phone.

I would also like to say that Sharon was awarded with our Special Excellence Award on obtaining her optimal goal weight. Way to go… each of you contribute in making my life worthwhile.


Carolyn before


Carolyn after