Hello my name is Sharlene, I suppose my awakening came shortly after I spent $300.00 on new FAT clothes because nothing fitted me, and I was sick of trying to squeeze into my old FAT clothes.

Suddenly, I thought this is crazy, why am I spending all this money on staying fat instead of investing in getting myself healthy. So I opened the Yellow Pages to look up Weight Watchers, even though I have tried them before without success, I thought perhaps I should try again.

When I opened the yellow pages, right underneath the Weight Watchers advertisement was an ad for a Weight Loss Life Coach. So I decided to give that number a call.

My Journey started on 2 August 2005 at 100 kilos. To my delight I had my first telephone conversation with Maz. Following Maz´s advice I completed my first week of the Food Diary, thinking how well I did, I only had 2 or 3 serves of the sticky date pudding. Maz gently brought me around to understanding healthy eating, and input vs. output.

The next reality check I faced was when Maz explained that I had to start that strange thing they call exercise… open the front door, walk ten minutes out, walk ten minutes back. It was so hard to walk out that door, but I laugh now that I can walk 2 hours pushing a double pram that weighs 15 kilos, a 4 year old that weighs 19 kilos and a 17–month that weighs 11 kilos.

During the first 4 months of the program I was living with my family at my mother in–laws, now what you have to understand is that she is the original Italian Momma, homemade pasta, homemade sauce cooked with animal fat just to add that special flavour. Everything is fried and the extra touch of the olive oil. (Everything I loved) Much of what Momma made is superb, but Maz explained the small changes that were needed. (The virgin olive oil could stay).

So I took over the cooking, we had great fresh food, lots of flavour and heaps of vegetables and fruit. You make every meal count. It is so easy to have great tasting food and feel full and satisfied.

With Maz´s daily guidance and encouragement I lost 10 kilos in the first 8 weeks. I cannot believe the change in my life. Playing with my kids, walking because I enjoy it. My husband looks forward to my cooking.

My husband compliments me on the way I have changed. The commitment I have made to be healthy and look after myself. The way I spend more time with the girls and take time for myself. To date I have lost 25 kilos and still losing, I am aiming to lose another few before my 40th birthday. I feel fantastic and sooooo happy!

There is no way I could have done this by myself. I needed advice and accountability; once you join the Maz “You are what you eat” family you have the support and encouragement of the most wonderful people who are there with you, through phone calls, emails and newsletters. Maz is in your mind. Once you know what you should do, and you commit, you have the control and the knowledge on how to have a healthy lifestyle.

I was just your normal house wife, 39 years old, with 2 children, staying at home, always tired, watching TV when the kids were asleep, eating those biscuits, cakes, hot chips, sausages, toasted cheese sandwiches, ice cream, not moving except to the car.

I have lost 25 kilos (still working hard), can walk 2 hours no problems, looking forward to the City to Surf, spending great time with my family, setting goals – achieving goals and as a bonus gained a friend and mentor for life.

Tks Maz

Comment from Maz: Sharlene, you have impressed me like no other with your total turn around it always brings a huge smile to my face whenever we catch up. I believe you will inspire and motivate so many other stay home mums and always remember “your health” is your number 1 priority, everything else falls into place.

Comment from Kerry: Thank you, Sharlene for your lovely testimony, it brought a tear to my eye I have to say and it´s why we both love Maz. Thank you for your kind words.



Sharlene & Maz