Robert Lost 25 Kilos

Dear Maz,

I am so thrilled with my weight loss progress that I feel motivated to put pen to paper and offer you my sincere thanks. As you know I have tried every program known to man, and many times I was able to lose weight but the problem has been that the weight would always just sneak back on again, and with it the usual unhealthy look and feeling.

Every New Year´s Eve it was the same story bouncing from one diet to another without long term success. I am so glad I had that chance meeting with a local mate, who was all of a sudden looking so fit and well, and he recommend that I give you a call; he also gave me your email address.

I laugh now when I recall you first speaking to my wife Maxine on the phone, and she said to you “Maz if you can do this for Robert, you can help anybody”. Well I am indebted to you MAZ; at the time of writing I have lost 25kg and still improving!

I thought you might like some feed back on why you have been able to help, wherein other programs have failed:

  1. Your coaching, nagging, encouragement and determination plus your sensible food choices;
  2. I think it was great you enlisted my wife´s support (even though you ganged up on me!)’
  3. Getting me moving again, I think this single accomplishment has been paramount, and I am pleased to say I love my exercising now… I can think so clearly when I walk, and can often solve the various business challenges I face each day.

Action speaks louder than words and you proved to me that “you are what you eat” It´s not about DIETING but a healthy lifestyle change that I can live with. This was all news to me (Good News!)

The benefits:

I have left behind the yellow food under hot lights etc and I don´t have to wear sandals all the time, because I can now tie my shoe laces and I am getting back into a bit of sport.

My weight loss even made our recent family holiday in New Zealand so much more enjoyable as I was able to walk every day whilst sight seeing and being able to enjoy keeping up with the kids.

As each day passes I have more energy and feel a lot happier in myself and that reflects in my business, because I get through the day easier. Maz, your nurturing, persistence and dedication to what you believe, has really paid off with how I feel today.

There were many times where I felt I couldn´t go anymore, but your persistence in breaking that barrier is a credit to you, and I can vouch to anyone that your program certainly lives up to its expectations.

Thankyou Maz
Robert Cappello

Robert before


Robert after