Peter Mitchell – Brisbane

Dear Maz,

Thanks so much for your help. I was thrilled about my 8Kg loss during your program.

Your knowledge and advice was invaluable in giving me the tools to shed the unwanted kilos.

Whilst I had always been exercising well, portion sizes and food choices were less than ideal.

As a result of my success, we have together inspired five of my family and friends into the current intake of your program. I am sure they will all do well with your sensible, no nonsense approach to healthy choices.

I am now running faster and more easily now and looking forward to staying the fittest and leanest I have been in twenty years. Your approach is honest, simple and effective, thanks again.
Peter Mitchell
Physiotherapist. Redland Shire

Note from Maz:

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Peter and men in general… once men decide to lose weight they’re good at it, simply because they’re logical, don’t make excuses and are less emotionally attached to their lifestyle, so they’re happy to make the necessary changes, also they respect me as their coach.



Peter Mitchell Before


Peter Mitchell After