Dear Maz,
The eight weeks are over and it is with great pleasure I report to you that I have lost 13 kilos on the program. I was a lucky winner of a free program advertised in a local paper, I never thought I could lose that much weight in 8 weeks by making a few changes to my lifestyle, at times I struggled with pain to even go for a walk, which was compounded by being overweight. The motivation and support that you and Kerry were able to give me at these critical times helped me to keep going and this proved that if you persist that things will turn around.

My program started with a visit to my local doctor to advise him that I was undertaking the “You are what you eat” eight week change your life program. After my doctor checked me over and weighed me in at 140kg he wished me all the best. At the end of the program I returned and he and I were both surprised and delighted that I was now weighing 127kg – a loss of 13kg. My blood pressure had also vastly improved.

I know that I have a long way to go to achieve my long term goals but from what I have learnt during the eight weeks I am confident of success and would like to thank you and Kerry for your support and lifestyle education that was critical to my success.