Kevin is a 55 year old bus driver, his occupation dictated that he sit most of the day, and therefore over the years his convenient eating habits combined with lack of exercise, saw his weight gradually increase to 125 kilo´s.


I am 55 years old, and I thought being overweight and waking up stiff and sore every morning was just part of getting old.

Then I was introduced to Maz, I was continually trying to lose weight and tried lots of diets, but none could keep weight off me, I was struggling to just get around, but Marion told me that she could help to change my lifestyle.

On the first visit I was convinced Marion could help me, if I was prepared to help myself.

I was given a work book to write down my current eating and exercise habits over the week. And after Marion´s analysis I was given advice on what food needed to be changed and suggestions for commencement of a gradual exercise regime.

On my next visit Marion was amazed to see the change in my eating habits, I said “I´m only eating what you told me to eat” I was weighed and measured and results were immediate I had dropped 1.5kg in the first week.

Well it is 6 months and now I have lost 21 kilos. I have not finished my Journey but I am well on the way.

I discovered a new me, it can happen if you really want to live better and put your trust in that Marvellous go-getter Maz, I feel better about myself, and my next weigh in is tomorrow, so I am off for my daily walk, which I hated and could not do 11weeks ago, but I genuinely like my walks now.