A friend of a friend told me about Maz’s program, we met and I felt a connection. Maz explained the basics about. “If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always got”. I believe this saying is true for me. At the time of meeting Maz, I was attending a 12–step group, which dealt with emotional, spiritual and physical growth in regard to food and my addiction to it. Due to my learning from this group, I felt I was now ready to accept guidance with exercise and nutrition.

When talking to Maz. I felt relaxed and open to her positive energy.

One of the first things we discussed was the importance of having a long–term goal. I started my weight loss journey with Maz in August 2003. In 2004 I am turning 40 and my goal is to lose 30 kilograms by July. We both believed that this was⁄is an achievable goal time wise. What a great goal! She educated me in how to make healthy food choices and showed me that I wasn´t missing out on any food. Also she educated me in the importance of exercise and now it has become a normal part of my daily life.

With Maz´s loving, caring, nurturing “prodding” and persistence, I have achieved a 20–kilogram weight loss (and I reckon I have lost 20 kilograms of emotional baggage as well!). Marion has helped me to stay focused – even when I didn´t want to be focused sometimes. Thanks Maz!.

I have also stopped smoking and replaced it with swimming and walking. With Maz´s help I am learning daily to love and care about myself enough to think I am worth of this. It is a wonderful freedom to be able to love myself instead of abusing myself. Maz, through her positive energy (which attracted me to her in the first place), has shown me how to have this positive energy too.

Marion my family and I are so grateful for what you have helped me to achieve. Words are not enough to repay you for what you have done for me. Thanks heaps Maz, “You´re simply the best, better than all the rest”.

Love Jul´s.