I have been on Marion´s Program for only 2 months now. I have lost 7.5kg and 12½ inches.

I find this program so fulfilling in all areas. I have never felt hungry, and I am constantly making the best possible food choices. Thanks to Marion´s monitoring and coaching.

I am exercising and enjoying it as well (I can´t believe I´m saying that). I have been overweight for 15 years now. I have tried and spent a lot of money on other programs such as “Gloria Marshall, Jenny Craig, Diet Factory, Nutra Slim, Xenol (latest safe diet pill especially for high blood pressure) and finally Weight Watchers.

I did lose some weight on the Weight Watchers Program. I thought this would be my new lifestyle, but it was not to be. I seemed to always drift back.

Since I have been on Marion´s Program, she has helped me to understand I have to really change, and the change must be permanent. I am so excited about this new lifestyle and I realize this is a journey that I am going to enjoy all the way.

Another big help is I don´t have to weigh, count or measure any more I am mindful when I am full and I can say “no” I also can recognise now when I am hungry.

I love cooking so I am never bored with making good healthy choices. The key to my new lifestyle is the discipline and common sense with choices I now make.

Before I commenced Marion´s program my self esteem was at absolute rock bottom and I used to hide in my size I had trouble accepting any attention at all, and my weight and size was a safe hiding place.

Now I can accept compliments and I find that Maz´s program has really helped me with my personal growth.

I have gone down two sizes in my work uniform and people are noticing and I´m coping now.

My health has improved, I went to the doctor´s and my blood pressure was the best it has been he also said if I lose all my weight I would be able to come off my medication for blood pressure for good. “So how good is that”.

With help from Maz I have completed my Journey Chart which I have put on the wall at home. I look at all my gold stars, and so far I have 7 of them with more to come. Maz is a great motivator and I am determined to enjoy my new lifestyle forever.