Joe has lost 8 kilos in the 8 week weight loss program.


Winner of the 941FM Free Program

Thank you so much for choosing me as the winner of your 8–week programme and for having the belief in me that I could achieve my goals. Maz you have been truly amazing with all your phone calls and your endless emails, your constant motivation has really helped me through some tough stages.

I had struggled with my weight for the last five years; it had been up and down since having my second child (I now have 3 beautiful children). I wanted to lose the extra kilos but just didn´t have that extra motivation to achieve it (I could see myself out there doing the exercise but just didn´t have the motivation to actually do it). In mid January my husband came home from work all excited about this new programme on 94.1fm called “You Are What You Eat” and he had also won me a free consultation to see Maz. I thought this was great, just the kick–start I needed. I also filled in the questionnaire to win the 8–week programme, and I did! So the journey with Maz began.

Maz and Kerry have been absolutely amazing, their constant support and encouragement has been fantastic. So far I have lost 8kgs and I only have 2kgs to go!! I have been exercising 6 days a week and I am really enjoying it, exercise was something I use to think I had to do but now it´s time I take out of my busy day just for myself, to listen to my music and as a Christian it´s also time I use to pray. I have 1 week to go on the programme so the journey with Maz is almost over but it is only just the beginning of my new lifestyle. Maz has taught me so many things that I will carry on myself and I understand that it´s NOT A DIET it´s a LIFESTYLE CHANGE and it´s all about good healthy food choices and exercise. I have now made the change and the change is permanent. I feel so much better and healthier about myself and it also helps with the self–esteem too!! My husband has also been on the programme with me and has been a wonderful support to me (he has also lost 6kgs).

Thanks so much Maz and Kerry again for everything, you´ve really helped change our lives.

Thanks Maz.

Joe before


Joe after