Hi Maz,

Before I start my testimonial I would like to say a big THANK YOU for the support you have given me over the past 8 weeks.

After our first discussion on what would be a realistic target for me to attain I said I would be happy to lose 10kgs. You said this might be unrealistic but 6 or 7 kgs could be achievable on the eight week program.

Now I have completed the 8 weeks I am happy to say I attained what you suggested, a 6 kg loss.

My defining moment to want to lose this weight came about one night when struggling to fit into a skirt I had previously found comfortable to wear. Thinking a pair of control briefs could solve or at least hide this problem I was soon disappointed to find all the said briefs did was to create a rye roll over the waistline of my skirt. No amount of pushing or shoving on my part would induce this roll to co-operate to conceal itself for the night. After falling back onto the bed in fits of laughter I knew at that moment I had to start seriously looking for a way to lose these extra kilo´s that had slowly crept onto my waist.

Someone up above must have been listening to me. The following week my husband said he had heard John Laws advertising your Weight Loss Program and that it wouldn´t hurt to at least have a look at your website.

I also have to thank my husband for his support. In changing his tactic from reminding me how much my shape was starting to resemble my mother´s to understanding I just didn´t know where to start and needed help. Funnily enough he was the one who found you to show me the way.

Program B I felt best suited my needs. I was determined this was going to work for me and the newsletters and keeping record of my food diary helped me to concentrate on my dietary needs as I was no longer finding myself requiring to nibble on sweet biscuits between meals.

I found with the eight-week program, with follow up calls and discussions from you each Saturday was the focus it gave me on what I set out to achieve. Your personal involvement with me gave me the strength to keep doing the correct thing with my diet. Even though, due to work commitments over the last two weeks, my exercise regime fell apart I still reached my target. I am also proud to report I am back on track walking and swimming and enjoying every minute of it.

Anyone needing to lose weight and feel they need to be able to talk to a friend with strong shoulders that can pull them back into line should not hesitate to join one of your programs.

Thanks Heaps