Irene & Paddy McClellan

Our 1st Husband and wife team – Griffith

Dear Maz,

Our lives are always so hectic and busy, however we always manage to find time to complain when things go wrong but never seem to get around to thanking people when something goes right.

My husband, Paddy had been advised by our Doctor to lose 10kgs and although he did try, after about 6 weeks, had ended up heavier than when he started. I too have always been a yoyo dieter, but as I´ve grown older found the weight just didn´t come off like it used to. Sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours a day and a busy social life doesn´t help.

Both Paddy and I were keen to try but somehow could never find the initiative to really do anything about it. That was until “ALONG CAME MAZ”, Boy how you´ve changed our lives. At first only one of us was going to go on the program but I´m so glad you encouraged us both to join. Without each other´s support it would have been so much harder for us. On the days I could have turned over and gone back to sleep I had a little “parrot” wide awake telling me to get up, and alternatively then there were the times that I was full of life and Paddy thought it would be a good idea to have a day off.

We exercise together and encourage each other. We have not missed a day and believe it or not, I think it´s the first time I´ve really enjoyed walking. It has been great to be able to do it together. You have worked so hard on my dear HEAVY MAINTENANCE husband who loves a drink or two. You never lost your cool when he occasionally “fell off the tracks” and you have been full of praise when we have achieved our little milestones.

We have now completed week 8 of the program and are delighted with our weight losses. Paddy has lost 7kg in 8 weeks and I have lost 6.5kg in 8 weeks. I would certainly encourage anyone else to join. We have made a lot of lifestyle changes and they have been really easy to adapt to and I know we will keep up the good work, as it now seems a normal part of our life.

Thanks for everything,
Irene McClellan

Irene & Paddy


Irene & Paddy