Dear Maz,

Many thanks for taking me on in your New Lifestyle Program. I was very pleased with my weight loss of 7 kgs in eight weeks.

The aspect that I really like about your program is that it is very simple to follow and it´s a change of lifestyle forever.

I enjoy walking every day for at least 75 minutes and the weekends for nearly two hours a day. I now make better choices when I eat either at home or out.

The best part about your program is that I can still enjoy my wine with meals. The weight which I have lost has enabled me to enjoy every aspect of my life and helps considerably to cope with the stress involved in everyday life.

I am happy to report that I have achieved one of my goals in that I finally managed to defeat my best mate at squash. It is now three weeks since I finished your Program and since that time I have lost a further 2kgs.

I look forward to my next goal of walking up & down North Brother Mountain with you.

I would really recommend anybody who is in need of a change in their life style for any reason, be it medical or otherwise, to give your Program serious consideration. They will be eternally grateful to you as I am.

Yours Sincerely
George Searson
Solicitor – Port Macquarie