I have just finished the 8 week “you are what you eat” program and feel motivated to write this letter immediately.
I am writing this to thank Maz and to say what a brilliant motivator she is.

When I first met Maz, I was smoking, and on average drinking 2 glasses of wine per night. My self-confidence was low and I was carrying a few too many kilos and having had a sports injury I was not exercising.

The very first day I met Maz, she was somehow able to convince me that the bad habit “smoking” had to go, and I have not touched a cigarette since that day.

Over the period of the 8–week program I have lost 7 kilo´s and not once have I been hungry. I have gradually gained back my self–confidence and am exercising daily. If I miss a day, not walking I now miss that time for myself, I think I am addicted to my walking and it´s a great habit to have.

With much thanks to Maz I can now spend quality energetic time with my partner and my three beautiful girls, life has never been so good I feel like I am living life and loving it.

Maz has shown me the way to positive thinking, everything I do or think I try to be positive about. No negatives in my house.

I have had invaluable lessons in food choices and life style changes. I am now having the time of my life and I owe it all to Maz.

Thank you Maz