Carolyn Lost 29 Kilos and kept it off


I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for all your help. Thanks to your guidance, support and constant feedback and not giving up on me when I got slack, I am now wearing the clothes I wore before my children were born. I started working with you when I was 117 kilos and six months later I weigh 88kgs. A loss of 29 kilos. Wow!! it seems so much when you write it down. I still have about 8 kilos to go before I reassess my goal.

Your program isn´t so much a weight loss one but a whole lifestyle change. That´s what I needed. I have been on sooooo many weight loss programs and have gained weight each time I went off them. I know why now! It isn’t about weight loss it´s about attitude. It’s about being mindful of the food that I eat. It´s not about cutting out the food I like to eat but it´s about substituting with healthier choices. And that´s where you have helped me Maz. My “difficult” time was when the kids went to bed and I was on my own – bored and hungry. Running around all day, forgetting to eat or grabbing something quick left me hungry and going to bed with a stomach full of unhealthy choices of food.

Now I prepare my day. I make sure I eat a healthy breakfast, have fruit or no fat yogurts as snacks and eat low fat healthy dinners. If I feel the need to snack at night, I now buy low fat crackers, salsa dips, low fat desserts or have a couple of sugar free lollies. My body has consumed healthier food choices, giving me more energy and less hunger.

I have made lifestyle changes and I don´t consider myself to be on a diet. I have changed my approach to food. It´s not my enemy it´s my fuel to keep me healthy and active enough to keep up with two little children.

Thank you Maz for everything. Without your motivating calls and emails I would have given up after I lost 10 kilos. That seems to be my track record.



Carolyn before


Carolyn after