Caroline Lost 35 Kilos and kept it off


Caroline is a Mother who has loved, raised and nurtured six beautiful children.

Caroline´s Testimony:

I am happy to write this testimony, but I should declare up front that I am a very close friend of Marion´s, and I am proud to say I was Marion´s first success in losing weight and keeping it off.

I first met Maz when she was managing a gym in the west of Sydney, I had gone there in desperation, as my weight was at an all time heaviest ever (98kg) after having my fourth child.

I felt out of place at the gym and decided to watch the goings on whilst breastfeeding my baby.

Marion came over and introduced herself to me, she talked to me for about 15 minutes, and showed great care, compassion and genuine interest.

She motivated me enough to take the first step, I joined the gym and Marion´s walking club, her enthusiasm is infectious and with her guidance towards better eating choices and a program for exercising 4–5 times per week, I slowly but surely lost a staggering 35 kilo´s… all that plus I gained a life long friend.

Love you Maz, good luck with your website.


Caroline before


Caroline after