I was sceptical at first that I could lose weight on an e–mail program, but was soon an enthusiastic believer when I lost 1½kg in the first week.

I didn´t realise the poor eating habits that I had grown into during my working day. I only spend about 5 minutes at the end of day to enter my daily food intake into Marion´s workbook. I then e–mail my food work book to Marion at the end of each week, and look forward to receiving the feedback, guidance and motivation.

It is Marion´s food guidance along with the exercise plan that has allowed me to start feeling better about myself.

When I started to exercise again I found it a pain but now, I really enjoy exercising knowing that this is keeping me healthy and losing weight with the food plan.

It is extremely easy to follow and simple to use. And the biggest advantage I have found with this program, is I am not alone, Marion is there with you all the way, with her encouraging phone calls and e–mails.

Believe me it has been a lot easier with her help. Now I find myself never thinking about bad food choices, the weight is coming off, only 3kgs to GO!

Thanks Maz for all your support.