Losing weight and golf

Losing weight and keeping it off is one of those things that sound simple but is actually deceiving

Well meaning friends and family will give you a host of information like just eat a little less and exercise more

But sometimes knowing what you have to do but doing it are two different things altogether

Some very smart people in this world are overweight and have trouble losing and keeping weight off

Let's look at other another activity that sounds easy and simple but is quite actually hard

Golf – sounds easy enough, hit a little white ball around with a stick and get it in the hole, but for anyone that has played the game knows how hard it is

If you were just starting to play golf, you wouldn't be surprised if you weren't like Tiger Woods in your first game, you wouldn't be too hard on yourself for miss hitting and making mistakes, hopefully anyway. Why are people so hard on themselves if they don't lose weight and keep it off on their first attempt?

Is it because it seems so simple? Is it because they have read all the articles, books and watched the TV shows about it, they think they should be experts by now and this time it should be easy?

But maybe it's not the knowing that is the hard part but actually the doing?

Sure there's tips and tricks to losing weight, however like golf you are not going succeed by reading and trying out adhoc tips here and there

You have to commit, have a plan and structure, have an objective voice like a coach or caddy that will steer you in the right direction, that will stop you second guessing yourself

You don't have to win everyday but if you are out there being consistent, following your plan you are going to come out on top

You might not end with the body of your favourite movie star or in golfing terms end up playing like Tiger Woods, however wether it's in a couple months, a year or a few years you will looking at a different person in the mirror to now

A plan and someone objective on your side will get you there quicker and help you stay like that

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