Inner game to weight loss

networkgetting your inner world together will make it easier to get your outside, physical world together as well.

If you are all wound up, stressing, having constant negative thoughts it will end up sabotaging what results you are getting with your weight-loss goals

Some people will lose weight when they are stressed but this is not all people including you? Plus its not healthy if you are losing weight in this situation.

so how do you get your inner life together?

Well thats the hard part i am no expert there.

In saying that when i am usually messed up with my thoughts i usually try to simplify things. i know i need sleep, need to cut down on sugar, to cut down on alcohol, to get outside for walks and spend time with positive friends or family.

Its usually a circle sort of thing you must get your outside together first in some way to improve your inner together. Then its likely to be interlinked, the more your outside starts coming together, the more your inner – which helps to further improve your outer – then it just keeps snow balling.

I don,t try to block out negative thoughts, i don’t try to change anything in my head. i try to let my body change things physically and let my brain follow. I have not always done it this way but it seems to work when i am feeling a little down.

Simplify. And get out of my head.

Tim Ferriss in his book the Four Hour Body says it better than me when asked
What is the fastest way for someone to improve their inner game?

Tim responds

“improve your outer game.
If you want to be more confident or effective, rather than relying on easily defeated positive thinking and mental gymnastics, learn to run faster, lift more than your peers, or lose those last 10lb (4.5kg). Its measurable, its clear, you cant lie to yourself. It therefore works.
Recall Richard Branson’s answer to the question,”How do you become more productive.” work out.”

Earlier in the chapter he quotes his dad about losing weight

“…after losing 50 or 60 pounds and doing what you once thought impossible, you start to see the other “impossibilities” – doubling income in 12 months or whatever – as “possibles”.