hmuqlDBfHello I am writing more and more, well typing and trying to find ways of integrating it more into my daily set up. This is so I can provide more information to people that I hope will benefit from the information or at least entertain them.

The first month is about starting and keeping habits. Deciding what habit you are going to start, keeping that habit small and easy so you its not too hard to keep. Finding a trigger for the habit. Recording when you complete the habit (i use an app) and not getting all worked up if you miss doing the habit for one day, just starting again the next. My habit is meditating
, so far I have completed at least 10 minutes of meditation per day for 18 days straight. I am using an online program called Headspace. Its the first time I have stuck with meditating even though its only been 18 days I am enjoying it and seeing benefits already.

You cant keep relying on motivation to keep you going with your weight-loss journey. You must have initial motivation or will power to set up a habit but then once a habit is engrained and automatic you will not need motivation again until you stop the habit and need to start it up again. You can then use your motivation and will power for another habit to set up. A series of habits will get you through to your goal.

Having someone that you are accountable for your actions is a good way to keep on track. Keeping records s important because you are being accountable to yourself. There is no side stepping the results when they are there right on the page.

You cant be too hard on yourself if you miss a day with your habit. Just pick yourself up and start a fresh the next day. Being hard on yourself will only bring more pressure and negativity into your thoughts.

You want to associate completing a habit with ease. Thats why its great to start off small and then once that small habit is in place begin to increase it. Example you want to start running. Your goal is to run 10 kms. I wouldn’t try to start running 10kms off straight away especially if you haven’t run for a while. Start with just walking, then walking and running a little with intervals then slowly make your run intervals longer while making your walking intervals shorter.

If you want to lose 20kgs. Don’t try to lose it all in 2 weeks or 2 months. Step back and have patients. Little by little, step by step. Break it don into 1/2 kg per week. Concentrate on getting your eating right and moving more. The more weight you have to lose the easier o lose it at the start. Don’t try to motivate yourself and be too hard on yourself right at the start. Just start, give yourself some time and ease into it. The results will motivate you as you see them go in your favour.

If the results don’t go in your favour, you could of hit a plateau. Sometimes weight loss will take a couple of weeks to show in some people.

This is where having an experienced objective person on the sidelines look at your results, your food diary and your exercise diary and steer you in the right direction. If you sit on a certain weight for a couple of weeks you might need to change something. But the situation doesn’t call for something drastic. This is the time where you can sabotage yourself and your results.

You might need a break from all your hard efforts. You might need a break, step off the gas a little and freshen up. Or you might need a good kick in the bum. Which one is it? Honestly you need to step back and look at it objectively, need to take the emotion away from the decision, you might need help with this