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We have a limit of Will Power available
The Chocolate and Radish experiment
Back in 1996 Psychologist Roy Baumeister conducted an experiment that suggested human beings have a limit of will power at our disposal.
In other words will power gets depleted, if you use will power, self control in one part of your life you may not have enough for another area of your life.
Here is a short version of the experiment
Participants enter a room smelling of freshly cooked chocolate cookies
Teased by the showing of the cookies and other chocolate treats
Participants told not to eat chocolate treats 
told to eat radishes instead
Some of the participants indulged in their sweet tooth ( chocolate- eaters) 
Others held strong and ate the radishes (radish- eaters)
After chocolate test participants given a second test to complete – supposedly unrelated 
second test was a persistent testing puzzle
Experiment showed that in 2nd test the radish -eaters made fewer attempts 
and gave up in half of the time than the chocolate - eaters
more can be read in this excellent article here at the Atlantic

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