If you think you have an Eating Disorder you should seek urgent qualified trained professional and medical help.

I am not trained or an expert on Eating Disorders.

I coach strictly to improve Lifestyle eating and exercise habits, specialising in losing weight.

Don’t leave my website without checking the testimonials, I am very proud of them.

I started life coaching by accident, just helping out some friends; I guess I was amazed at the instant success. I was at my hairdressers who had a history of weight problems. I started coaching her and she lost 20 kilo’s and of course all of her other customers noticed and asked her what her secret was.

This led her to asking me if I could help others. One of these lovely ladies worked at a local RSL club. She commenced the program and lost 10 kilo’s in eight weeks and of course the members that visited her weekly noticed a stunning difference, and so here I am today penning these words for our website.