About Us

get-started-now.001As the domain name suggests, You Are What You Eat provides a weight loss program by means of effective Life Coaching. Clients are provided with a user-friendly email workbook and are coached, monitored, and motivated by one of our coaches personally for the entire 8-weeks of the program.

You Are What You Eat – we will analyse a client’s lifestyle along with their present eating habits and then commence coaching our clients through the difficult task of recognising and modifying poor behaviour choices, permanently, for life, a better life.

If You don’t Use It, You Lose It – As well as guiding you toward healthier eating choices, one of our coaches will coach you with a sensible easy to manage exercise program.

This provides you with a Food Coach and Personal Accountability Partner.

It seems that people tend to find us when all else has failed; we have had clients that have spent a considerable amount of time and money trying various methods to lose weight.

Our Vision

To create positive behaviour choices, that permanently maintain and enrich quality of life.

If you would like more information please contact us via email.

When you reach into the darkness to help another back into the light, you discover that it is yourself.

Michael Dayes

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