9 Advantages of a detox diet

lemons MGD©Are Detox Diets any good?

Well there are good and bad points. They are not the be all and end all. You are not going to stay on a detox diet for a long time. They are not the magic bullet that many involved in selling them will have you believed.

In saying that they do have some advantages, we will quickly go through them here and save the disadvantages for another time

1/ If a detox diet is going to get someone motivated to start getting healthy its great
2/ People may actually stop eating eating the garbage they have been putting in their mouths long enough to result in them feeling better and having more energy
3/ there could be a flow on effect with the positive outcomes resulting in better thinking about personal nutrition
4/ May help people train their tastebuds to enjoy healthier foods. It can be tough at the start and people may miss certain foods however your tastes can definitely change. The longer you go without certain foods, the less you will need them
5/ Encourages people to drink more fluids, including water
6/ Helps you cut down or eliminate alcohol
7/ Gets people talking and thinking about what they are fuelling themselves with
8/ Might get people interested in looking at other healthy habits
9/ May give people confidence needed to keep going