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Sick of trying all the diets out there and not Getting the RESULTS you are after

Want to cut through the garbage and get on track in the most efficient manner?

Don’t have time to mess around

Get in, get clear get focused, get it done

so you can enjoy your new look, your new body

You will looking at a different person in the mirror in no time

Lose weight with the assistance and guidance of a Food Coach, take the weight off and keep it off.

No more “bouncing” with fad diets, you lose the weight, and keep it off forever under the guidance and education of this specialist weight loss Food Coach.

Consult a Food Coach specialising in losing weight by improving and enhancing your lifestyle – PERMANENTLY

We will confidentially monitor and analyse your current lifestyle and eating habits and then begin coaching you personally in all aspects of correct food choices and the benefits of exercise planning.

For 8 weeks you are never on your own, you are constantly monitored, coached, and motivated towards changing those poor eating habits that have gradually crept into all of our lives over the last decade or so.

Discover the facts about fat and how it is stored in our bodies. Learn the best and safest way to burn body fat and lose weight for life.

There are no gimmicks – the online based eight–week program and food diary provided will only take you 5 minutes per day to fill in, and at the end of each week you email this workbook back to us, where it is analysed and sent back within 24 hours with coaching and guidance comments for each and every day.

Lose weight and never feel hungry. Our program “is not about dieting” our client´s say the thing they like the most about “you are what you eat” is that they don’t have to count calories, measure or weigh food ever again. The best incentive is they never feel hungry.

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email us at info(at)youarewhatyoueat.com.au


Looking Good

Looking Good



Why a Food Coach? How does it work?

  • All of the programs provide you with a sensible food plan, food coach and a personal accountability partner.
  • It starts with the premise, that during the last 10 years or so, we have adopted some very poor habits as our food intake turned more to convenience than sustenance. We also found one reason or another to get less regular exercise. As a consequence of this our weight has gradually increased each year, much to our dissatisfaction.
  • Our eight–week weight loss program involves replacing those years of poor habits, with permanent positive choices. This is achieved by conducting a thorough analysis of your eating behaviour and exercise patterns. We then develops with you, a personal strategy and new life style approach that involves a re–learning program, guiding you to recognize and modify poor food choices – “permanently” for life, a better life. We will work in consultation with you to bring about a new and rewarding permanent life style change.

“Dr’s prescription to all Australian’s to take a 30 minute walk every day…Click here.